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Duluth Air Show 2019 updated 7/21

Seven Bridges


Wild Life

John Beargrease Marathon Updated 1/27



Nelson and Katherine Updated 6/19

Winter Sports 19-20

BB Eveleth at Mt Iron Updated 3/26

BB Hill City at Mt Iron Updated 12/6

BB IFalls at Virginia Updated 12/24

BB Mesabi East at Eveleth Done 3/24

BB NGK at Mt Iron Updated 2/27

BB Northland at Mt Iron Complete 3/3/29

BB Two Harbors at Virginia complete 3/23

BH Denfeld at Virginia Updated 12/23

BH Eveleth at Virginia Updated 12/20

BH Hermantown at Virginia Updated 3/10

BH Hibbing at Eveleth Updated 2/12

BH Little Falls at Virginia Complete

BH Red Wing at Eveleth Updated 12/3

BH Virginia at Eveleth Updated 3/15

BH Bantam A HT at Virginia Updated 12/22

GB Ely at Eveleth Updated 2/20

GB Greenway at Virginia Updated 12/3

GB Proctor at Mt Iron Updated 2/20

GH Henry Sibley at Eveleth Complete

GH IFalls at Eveleth Updated 12/25

GH Mahtomedi at Eveleth Compete

GH Northern Lakes at Eveleth Updated 2/13

GH Superior at Eveleth complete

Fall Sports 19-20

BF Ely at Mt Iron Updated 9/1

BF Esco at Virginia Updated 9/10

BF Isle at Mt Iron Updated 10/25

BF Rush City at Virginia Updated 8/29

BF Two Harbors at Virginia Updated 9/23

BF Virginia at Eveleth Updated 10/1

BF Virginia at Mesabi East Updated 10/27

GV Cloquet at Virginia Updated 9/19

GV Deer River at Virginia Updated 10/22

GV Eveleth at Virginia Updated 10/1

GV Greenway at Eveleth Updated 9/25

GV Hibbing at Virginia Updated 9/23

GV Hibbing at Virginia Playoffs Update 10/25

GV Northwoods at Eveleth Updated 9/11

GV Two Harbors at Virginia Updated 8/28

PB Eveleth Poms and Band Updated 10/1

Spring Sports 18-19

ERATS Graduation Complete

GS Foodwood at Mt Iron Updated 5/4

TF Track and Field Updated 5/4

Eveleth Prom Complete

Virginia prom Complete

Summer 2018

Stanley Cup w/Matt Niskanen Updated 7/24

Embarrass Fair Updated 8/26

Fire Dance Updated 8/5

2018 Dance Updated 8/9

Virginia Marching Blues Updated 8/7

3rd of July Updated 8/11


The Little Mermaid Updated 3/30











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